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10AM – 12 Noon AEST

Certificate IV in Map You

This is a 9 week course

Consulting Services

Consulting Services are provided by the Principle Consultant of MapYou, in specialist areas such as

  • Business Growth
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Cultural mapping
  • Cross cultural relations
  • Market Development
  • Training needs analysis
  • Sustainable communities
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Addressing skills shortages
  • Community renewals
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Community planning
  • Local Knowledge mapping
  • Participatory development
  • Community partnerships
  • Cultural heritage planning
  • PGIS
and much more.
For a confidential discussion or to request a quote see the following contact details
Jennifer Joi Field – Principle Consultant
PH 0428 500 548 Australia     Email: jenniferjoi@mapyou.org
+61 428 500 548 International

Find Your Way!


At some time in our business or career most of us feel that we have lost the way, unsatisfied with our situation or simply confused about what is the next step, or frustrated at not achieving what we  thought we would. It can happen with BUSINESS. Many of us give up and just settle for mediocrity, such as that business or those clients that seem the most obvious to us, or that others assume it is what we do. At this point some of us opt out completely, giving up and literally going bush!

This is not a bad thing, however it can be a trap that prevents the realization of our true business or life potential so here is a little story to help make sense of what happens.

Going to the wilderness (being lost in mediocrity or settling for second best) has value, at the same time it is seductive, it becomes the answer before you even know what the question is – who am I? what is my value? What is my purpose?

Instead you focus on the wilderness because it becomes a comfortable place to be, in many ways, even though it has got its own challenges. So it becomes both the means to finding the end of a journey but it can also become the end of the journey itself, if you become lost in it for too long.

If you are serious about being the best you can be in business then you will find your way to that through the Map You Course



Map You has practical tools that enable business to grow. Innovation is the keystone of  Map You and within the Doctoral Research Project ‘Mapping for Sustainable Futures’ MapYou is blazing a new trail in business innovation.

The MapYou website will be updated later in 2013 to include further information on the innovation being developed as part of the MapYou Founders PhD through the University of Melbourne, Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructures and Land Administration.

View the current Tools.

MapYou Tools are about better business to business or business to community communication to make collaboration possible.


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Ideas Idea’s are like gold to business, they are creative seeds waiting to sprout, they need our attention and nurturing in order to grow and become ready to harvest. Without attention they will fade away or die. When we feel excited about an idea that feeling is a good indication that we are on track and that it is achievable. To keep our idea’s alive we need to investigate them fully and give them the creative attention they require, this effort will either take you on a journey that results in the fulfillment of that idea or the idea will evolve and grow into something you could not have imagined, something amazing!

Without ideas business could not grow, and without growth …..what is the consequence?

MapYou provides a means to identify and nurture ideas and use them to grow business sustainably.

more to come soon
More ideas to come soon

Seminar Room


MapYou has just launched a new Webinar Series for Business, Local Government, Organisations and Social Entrepreneurs, to view a sample of the Local Government Webinar please visit http://mapyou.webinar.hk/

Business Webinars will be launched online shortly, to find out how these can benefit you to grow your business email the Founder on jenniferjoi (at) mapyou.org



MapYou has nationally accredited training courses that can be used to grow business sustainably

PORTAL to the Map You Course online …….COMING SOON in early 2014

Map You Courses


Provides a dynamic means to grow a business.

“Powerful process – Gentle Mentor – Amazing results” Fiona Maclean

The MapYou Vocational Education Courses will be released in stages, commencing 2012. The MapYou Courses contain three independent stages that provide a set of steps for development of sustainable businesses and livelihoods. The courses have been created in such a way as to address the critical risks associated with the identification and sharing of information. Those factors include privacy; confidentiality; pricing; licensing; partnering and joint ventures; copyright; added value and potential royalty streams. The MapYou Courses also incorporate new and emerging technologies.

Synopsis of Courses

The Map You Courses will provide three independent outcomes, when all three Courses are undertaken consecutively more strategic and substantial results are achieved.

  • Certificate IV in Map You provides  system to identify your opportunities and how you can build the foundation to achieve them.
  • Diploma of  Map You provides a secure system and technology framework for refining and development of the opportunities, Diploma.
  • Advanced Diploma of Map You provides a system for the practical application of the realised opportunities.

Course Delivery

The four methods of how Map You Courses will be delivered are:


WebinarONLINE – delivered by the MapYou Founder. The webinar would benefit individuals or groups, the webinar Course can be tailored to specific locations and specific situations or industries. The webinar will be delivered through the seminar room. Go to Enrol Now to express your interest in securing your opportunity to undertake this training and develop a new opportunity for yourself or your community.


ProjectLOCATION SPECIFIC – ON THE JOB TRAININGThis is the reason that the Map You Course was created, to provide a simple system that could be delivered to all of the stakeholders of location specific projects, such as

  • the redevelopment and strategic growth of a community or specific location
  • the planning and development of a site specific tourism strategy
  • the planning and development stages of major mine and gas sites
  • for multi stakeholder development projects
  • to establish community business opportunities


ClassroomBeginning in 2013 the Map You Course can be undertaken through selected registered training organisations (RTO) that have licensed the Map You Course for delivery at their campus.The Value of undertaking the Map You Coursethis way is that

  • you get face to face interaction with your trainers
  • you have a group of people in your class to exchange ideas with
  • your have the opportunity to do presentations to your class and get feedback
  • you will have access to computer technology and other campus resources

Who would this method benefit?

Individuals who want a new career path or who want to develop their own business concept

Individuals who are still mastering the English language, or those wanting to develop an individual project



OnlineCOMING in 2013 – The online Certificate IV in Map You will provide

  • learning privacy
  • easy access from any location
  • a way to do it at your own pace
  • opportunity to interact with others doing the Map You Course
  • personal instruction and feedback

Who would this method benefit?

Staff of local Government Departments such as those who work with communities

Staff of Industry, such as those who need to engage community stakeholders

Individuals who are remote or not located near a College that delivers the Map You Course


To read a course outline for each of the Map You Courses choose one of the following links

Certificate IV in Map You


Diploma of Map You


Advanced Diploma of Map You

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The Map You Course is all about creating sustainable futures, for community, industry, private enterprise or individuals.