Mentoring Services

The mentoring services are for students, entrepreneurs, industry staff or small business owners who want to establish or reinvent their career or business, this mentoring can be undertaken by webinar in our online seminar room or face to face.

The mentoring packages are explained below. The mentoring can also be used as an introduction and preparation for undertaking the Map You Training and to clarify your objectives that will be achieved on completion of the Training. Please select the Booking Button beside the mentoring package that best meets your needs, you will receive a response within 2 days of making the booking, and at this time further clarification of your needs will be discussed and confirmed and your registration can then be completed. Include your questions about costs and other issues in your booking form the options available will then be explained to you.

Sustainable Livelihoods
This mentoring package is for situations where more than one cultural group aspire to work together to achieve an outcome in a specific place or within a specific organisation. This mentoring package is concerned with how collaborations can create new opportunities.
Stakeholder Engagement
This mentoring package is focused on identifying and or engaging your stakeholders strategically.
Career Pathways
This mentoring is specifically for students who are wanting to establish their careers or who are trying to find clarity in what they want to do. This mentoring would be of great value also to International students.
Business Growth
This mentoring is for those wanting to grow or reinvent a business or to clarify the type of business they want to be in and how to make that happen.
Young Entrepreneurs
This mentoring is for young entrepreneurs who have a burning passion to achieve something and do not know how to make it happen.
Cultural Mapping
This mentoring is for those who want to undertake a mapping project – of a community, region, or a corporation or other type of entity.